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Zen Island Farm started with a dream to create a place where all beings can live in harmony.


We applied a permaculture design on our farm in the hopes that the cycle of life of all living things on the land will repeat eternally, undisturbed. The environment, encompassing the soil, plants, and all other life forms, can run its healthy life cycle on the farm and keep regenerating.


Japanese Natural Farming

We practice Japanese natural farming methods on our farm, meaning we do not use any chemicals or pesticides. Respect for the land and the life it provides, as well as our faith in the power of nature to care for itself so that it may regenerate continually in a sustainable manner, is the reason why we chose to practice this method. 

Veganic=Vegan + Organic

We are a veganic farm, which combines the terms vegan and organic. All of our crops are non-gmo, and we do not use animal products on our farm. We primarily use straw, vegetable waste, and vermicompost (also known as worm composting) as a means to maintain and improve soil fertility, instead of animal manure, which is commonly used on other organic farms. 

Farm Tour

Feel the breeze on your cheek as they rustle the nearby trees and grasses. Smell the sweet fragrance in the air as you watch the tiny green buds beginning to sprout. Return to that sensation you knew so well as a child, a memory we all share, one we can feel with all of our senses. 

At Zen Island Farm, we offer farm tours and various opportunities to experience what it is like to work on a farm. With papaya, mango, banana, pineapple, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, lychee, as well as various vegetables and a wide array of flowers, come feel the vibrancy that is abundant all around you, and take notice of what message nature is offering to you.

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