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Zen Island Farm

Overlooking the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, standing underneath the unending blue sky and surrounded by a cool breeze on even the hottest of summer days, come get re-connected with yourself at Zen Island Farm. Our vision is to provide a place of serenity, where your mind, body, spirit will be at ease, able to rest and recuperate from the ebbs and flows of daily life. 


We manifested that vision on a piece of land that found us, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist district in a small town called Haiku in upcountry Maui, where we now operate a Bed & Breakfast on an organic permaculture farm.


By breathing in the clean air, eating fresh produce, watching the rainbows arching over the sea, and listening to the many birds singing their songs in the trees, it is our hope that at Zen Island Farm, you will be able to find a place you can always return to, a home that will always welcome you with Aloha. 


Away from the busy tourist district and the bright city lights, you will be witness to a vast, starry night sky here on Zen Island Farm. Gently awoken from a deep, restful sleep with the chirping of birds and the sun rising in the East, the windows in each room provide an ocean view to wake up to unlike any other. Breakfast will feature fresh, local organic produce cooked up into a deliciously nourishing vegan meal. 


Farm to Table

It is our hope that the meals you have at Zen Island Farm will rejuvenate and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. From a tiny seedling in the rich, healthy soil, receiving the warm rays of the sun and cared for by the sweat of the farmer’s brow, we use only the freshest ingredients. We honor those ingredients by using them with great gratitude in the kitchen, to make the meals that we serve come to life. That is what Farm to Table means to us, here at Zen Island Farm. 


The soil is home to billions of microorganisms, a vast universe spread right below our feet. That diverse ecosystem of life is sustained by the rays of the sun, rain from the clouds, all manner of other lifeforms critters and birds alike, toiled daily by the farmer to provide an environment for fresh produce to thrive. Here at Zen Island Farm, we have the privilege of using that fresh produce to bring the meals that we serve to life, providing healthy nourishment to our guests while honoring the work and sacrifice that went into each ingredient. Our farm was started with the hope that we could provide a place where each step, from a seed in the soil to a delicious meal on the dining room table, could be observed and experienced with all five senses.

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