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The property is gorgeous, with a spectacular view of the ocean, clean cool air, and a peaceful energy. Ayako and Kei are gracious hosts who live aloha. Even non-vegans will discover just how delicious and satisfying vegan cuisine can be!


Just took an amazing plant based/vegan cheese cooking class by Zen Island Farm's owner Ayako. Zen Island Farm is both a vegan bed-and-breakfast (pending permit) in Haiku, and the host of vegan cooking classes at Heritage Hall's commercial kitchen in Paia.  The class was really amazing for me, and I'm even a beginning cook. In two hours I learned to make Camembert (tasted just like dairy cheese), Feta (tasted just like dairy), melted cheddar for grilled-cheese or nachos (did not taste the same but was still very good), and a raw vegan cheesecake (tasted just like dairy).  The recipes were really simple, I was surprised that we were able to make four different cheeses in a two hour class. Some of them needed to sit in the fridge overnight in order to be the right texture, but Ayako brought finished cheeses for all of us to taste, after making each one.  I highly recommend this course. I will definitely be taking all her other courses.  Everything about it was done so nicely. No notetaking needed as she had a packet for everybody with instructions, photographs, every ingredient needed and a picture of it, etc. She even thought to have water for everyone. I could not recommend this class any higher!!  Very fair price at $30 which included a lot of cheese tasting. Come hungry!!

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